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one_to_many_withPoints.c File Reference

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PGDLLEXPORT Datum one_to_many_withPoints (PG_FUNCTION_ARGS)
 PG_FUNCTION_INFO_V1 (one_to_many_withPoints)
static void process (char *edges_sql, char *points_sql, int64_t start_pid, ArrayType *ends, bool directed, char *driving_side, bool details, bool only_cost, General_path_element_t **result_tuples, size_t *result_count)

Function Documentation

PG_FUNCTION_INFO_V1 ( one_to_many_withPoints  )
static void process ( char *  edges_sql,
char *  points_sql,
int64_t  start_pid,
ArrayType *  ends,
bool  directed,
char *  driving_side,
bool  details,
bool  only_cost,
General_path_element_t **  result_tuples,
size_t *  result_count