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Use’s Recipes contributions

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Use’s Recipes contributions

How to contribute.

Use an issue tracker (see Support) with a title containing: Proposing a Recipe: Myrecipename. The body will contain:

  • author: Required
  • mail: if you are subscribed to the developers list this is not necessary
  • date: Date posted
  • comments and code: using reStructuredText format

Any contact with the author will be done using the developers mailing list. The pgRouting team will evaluate the recipe and will be included it in this section when approved.

Comparing topology of a unnoded network with a noded network

Author:pgRouting team.

This recipe uses the Sample Data network.

SELECT pgr_createTopology('edge_table', 0.001);
SELECT pgr_analyzegraph('edge_table', 0.001);
SELECT pgr_nodeNetwork('edge_table', 0.001);
SELECT pgr_createTopology('edge_table_noded', 0.001);
SELECT pgr_analyzegraph('edge_table_noded', 0.001);

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