pgRouting 1.x Release Notes

The following release notes have been copied from the previous RELEASE_NOTES file and are kept as a reference. Release notes starting with version 2.0.0 will follow a different schema.

Changes for release 1.05

  • Bugfixes

Changes for release 1.03

  • Much faster topology creation
  • Bugfixes

Changes for release 1.02

  • Shooting* bugfixes
  • Compilation problems solved

Changes for release 1.01

  • Shooting* bugfixes

Changes for release 1.0

  • Core and extra functions are separated
  • Cmake build process
  • Bugfixes

Changes for release 1.0.0b

  • Additional SQL file with more simple names for wrapper functions
  • Bugfixes

Changes for release 1.0.0a

  • Shooting* shortest path algorithm for real road networks
  • Several SQL bugs were fixed

Changes for release 0.9.9

  • PostgreSQL 8.2 support
  • Shortest path functions return empty result if they couldn’t find any path

Changes for release 0.9.8

  • Renumbering scheme was added to shortest path functions
  • Directed shortest path functions were added
  • routing_postgis.sql was modified to use dijkstra in TSP search