pgRouting Manual (2.2)


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pgr_apspJohnson - Returns all costs for each pair of nodes in the graph.


This function is deprecated in version 2.2 Use pgr_johnson instead


Johnson’s algorithm is a way to find the shortest paths between all pairs of vertices in a sparse, edge weighted, directed graph. Returns a set of pgr_costResult (seq, id1, id2, cost) rows for every pair of nodes in the graph.

pgr_costResult[] pgr_apspJohnson(sql text);



a SQL query that should return the edges for the graph that will be analyzed:

SELECT source, target, cost FROM edge_table;
source:int4 identifier of the source vertex for this edge
target:int4 identifier of the target vertex for this edge
cost:float8 a positive value for the cost to traverse this edge

Returns set of pgr_costResult[]:

seq:row sequence
id1:source node ID
id2:target node ID
cost:cost to traverse from id1 to id2


  • Deprecated in version 2.2.0
  • New in version 2.0.0


SELECT * FROM pgr_apspJohnson(
        'SELECT source::INTEGER, target::INTEGER, cost FROM edge_table WHERE id < 5'
NOTICE:  Deprecated function: Use pgr_johnson instead
 seq | id1 | id2 | cost 
   0 |   1 |   2 |    1
   1 |   1 |   5 |    2
   2 |   2 |   5 |    1
(3 rows)

The query uses the Sample Data network.

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