pgRouting extends the PostGIS / PostgreSQL geospatial database to provide geospatial routing functionality.
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coordinates_input.c File Reference
#include "./coordinates_input.h"
#include "./debug_macro.h"
#include "./pgr_types.h"
#include "./postgres_connection.h"
#include "./get_check_data.h"
#include "./time_msg.h"

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static void pgr_fetch_row (HeapTuple *tuple, TupleDesc *tupdesc, Column_info_t info[3], int64_t *default_id, Coordinate_t *distance)
void pgr_get_coordinates (char *sql, Coordinate_t **coordinates, size_t *total_coordinates)
 bigint id, float x, float y, More...

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static void pgr_fetch_row ( HeapTuple *  tuple,
TupleDesc *  tupdesc,
Column_info_t  info[3],
int64_t *  default_id,
Coordinate_t distance 
void pgr_get_coordinates ( char *  sql,
Coordinate_t **  coordinates,
size_t *  total_coordinates