pgRouting extends the PostGIS / PostgreSQL geospatial database to provide geospatial routing functionality.
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dijkstra.h File Reference

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struct  edge
struct  path_element


typedef struct edge edge_t
typedef double float8
typedef struct path_element path_element_t


int boost_dijkstra (edge_t *edges, unsigned int count, int start_vertex, int end_vertex, bool directed, bool has_reverse_cost, path_element_t **path, int *path_count, char **err_msg)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct edge edge_t
typedef double float8

Definition at line 47 of file dijkstra.h.

typedef struct path_element path_element_t

Function Documentation

int boost_dijkstra ( edge_t edges,
unsigned int  count,
int  start_vertex,
int  end_vertex,
bool  directed,
bool  has_reverse_cost,
path_element_t **  path,
int *  path_count,
char **  err_msg 

Definition at line 68 of file boost_wrapper.cpp.