pgRouting extends the PostGIS / PostgreSQL geospatial database to provide geospatial routing functionality.
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eucledianTSP_driver.h File Reference

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void do_pgr_eucledianTSP (Coordinate_t *coordinates, size_t total_coordinates, int64_t start_vid, int64_t end_vid, double initial_temperature, double final_temperature, double cooling_factor, int64_t tries_per_temperature, int64_t max_changes_per_temperature, int64_t max_consecutive_non_changes, bool randomize, double time_limit, General_path_element_t **results, size_t *total_results, char **log_msg, char **err_msg)

Function Documentation

void do_pgr_eucledianTSP ( Coordinate_t coordinates,
size_t  total_coordinates,
int64_t  start_vid,
int64_t  end_vid,
double  initial_temperature,
double  final_temperature,
double  cooling_factor,
int64_t  tries_per_temperature,
int64_t  max_changes_per_temperature,
int64_t  max_consecutive_non_changes,
bool  randomize,
double  time_limit,
General_path_element_t **  results,
size_t *  total_results,
char **  log_msg,
char **  err_msg