GraphEdgeInfo Class Reference

#include "GraphDefinition.h"

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Public Attributes

bool m_bIsLeadingRestrictedEdge
double m_dCost
double m_dReverseCost
long m_lEdgeID
long m_lEdgeIndex
long m_lEndNode
long m_lStartNode
short m_sDirection
LongVector m_vecEndConnedtedEdge
VectorOfLongVector m_vecRestrictedEdge
LongVector m_vecStartConnectedEdge

Detailed Description

Definition at line 62 of file GraphDefinition.h.

Member Data Documentation

bool GraphEdgeInfo::m_bIsLeadingRestrictedEdge

Definition at line 72 of file GraphDefinition.h.

long GraphEdgeInfo::m_lEdgeID
long GraphEdgeInfo::m_lEdgeIndex
short GraphEdgeInfo::m_sDirection

Definition at line 66 of file GraphDefinition.h.

LongVector GraphEdgeInfo::m_vecEndConnedtedEdge
VectorOfLongVector GraphEdgeInfo::m_vecRestrictedEdge

Definition at line 73 of file GraphDefinition.h.

Referenced by GraphDefinition::addEdge().

LongVector GraphEdgeInfo::m_vecStartConnectedEdge

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