pgr_alloc.cpp File Reference
#include "cpp_common/pgr_alloc.hpp"
#include <string>
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char * pgr_msg (const std::string &msg)

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char* pgr_msg ( const std::string &  msg)

Definition at line 29 of file pgr_alloc.cpp.

References pgr_alloc().

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29  {
30  char* duplicate = NULL;
31  duplicate = pgr_alloc(msg.size() + 1, duplicate);
32  memcpy(duplicate, msg.c_str(), msg.size());
33  duplicate[msg.size()] = '\0';
34  return duplicate;
35 }
T * pgr_alloc(std::size_t size, T *ptr)
allocates memory
Definition: pgr_alloc.hpp:68

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