pgrouting::trsp::Pgr_trspHandler::Predecessor Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Predecessor ()
bool isIllegal (size_t i)
bool isIllegal (Position i)

Public Attributes

std::vector< size_t > e_idx
std::vector< Positionv_pos

Detailed Description

Definition at line 71 of file pgr_trspHandler.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pgrouting::trsp::Pgr_trspHandler::Predecessor::Predecessor ( )

Definition at line 73 of file pgr_trspHandler.h.

References pgrouting::trsp::Pgr_trspHandler::ILLEGAL, and v_pos.

73  :
74  e_idx(2),
75  v_pos(2) {
76  for (auto &p : v_pos) p = ILLEGAL;
77  }

Member Function Documentation

bool pgrouting::trsp::Pgr_trspHandler::Predecessor::isIllegal ( size_t  i)
bool pgrouting::trsp::Pgr_trspHandler::Predecessor::isIllegal ( Position  i)

Definition at line 80 of file pgr_trspHandler.h.

References pgrouting::trsp::Pgr_trspHandler::ILLEGAL, pgassert, and v_pos.

80  {
81  pgassert(i != ILLEGAL);
82  return v_pos[i] == ILLEGAL;}
#define pgassert(expr)
Uses the standard assert syntax.
Definition: pgr_assert.h:81

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<size_t> pgrouting::trsp::Pgr_trspHandler::Predecessor::e_idx

Definition at line 84 of file pgr_trspHandler.h.

std::vector<Position> pgrouting::trsp::Pgr_trspHandler::Predecessor::v_pos

Definition at line 85 of file pgr_trspHandler.h.

Referenced by isIllegal(), and Predecessor().

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