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How to contribute.

To add a recipie or a wrapper

The first steps are:

  • Fork the repository
  • Create a branch for your recipe or wrapper
  • Create your recipe file
cd doc/src/recipes/
vi myrecipe.rst
git add myrecipe.rst
# include the recipe in this file
vi index.rst

To create the test file of your recipe

cd test
cp myrecipe.rst myrecipe.sql.test

# make your test based on your recipe
vi myrecipe.sql.test
git add myrecipe.sql.test

# create your test results file
touch myrecipe.result
git add myrecipe.result

# add your test to the file
vi test.conf

Leave only the SQL code on myrecipe.sql.test by deleting lines or by commenting lines.

To get the results of your recipe

From the root directory execute:

tools/ -alg recipes -ignorenotice

Copy the results of your recipe and paste them in the file myrecipe.result, and remove the “> ” from the file.

make a pull request.

git commit -a -m 'myrecipe is for this and that'
git push

From your fork in github make a pull request over develop