pgRouting Manual (2.2)

Convenience Functions

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Convenience Functions


This are proposed function

  • Is not officially in the release.
  • Name could change.
  • Signature could change.
  • Needs testing.
  • Functionality could change.

The following functions are general purpose convenience functions that might be useful when building a larger application or handling input from say an Ajax handler.

  • pgr_pointToEdgeNode - convert a point geometry to a vertex_id based on closest edge.
  • pgr_flipEdges - flip the edges in an array of geometries so the connect end to end.
  • pgr_textToPoints - convert a string of x,y;x,y;... locations into point geometries.
  • pgr_pointsToVids - convert an array of point geometries into vertex ids.

Distance Matrix Functions

These function my be helpful when you need to create or manipulate distance matricies, like for TSP or VRP related problems.

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