Transformation - Family of functions (Experimental)


Possible server crash

  • These functions might create a server crash


Experimental functions

  • They are not officially of the current release.
  • They likely will not be officially be part of the next release:
    • The functions might not make use of ANY-INTEGER and ANY-NUMERICAL
    • Name might change.
    • Signature might change.
    • Functionality might change.
    • pgTap tests might be missing.
    • Might need c/c++ coding.
    • May lack documentation.
    • Documentation if any might need to be rewritten.
    • Documentation examples might need to be automatically generated.
    • Might need a lot of feedback from the comunity.
    • Might depend on a proposed function of pgRouting
    • Might depend on a deprecated function of pgRouting

Previous versions of this page

  • Supported versions: current(3.0)
  • Unsupported versions: 2.6


This family of functions is used for transforming a given input graph \(G(V,E)\) into a new graph \(G'(V',E')\).

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