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Proposed functions for next mayor release.

  • They are not officially in the current release.

  • They will likely officially be part of the next mayor release:

    • The functions make use of ANY-INTEGER and ANY-NUMERICAL

    • Name might not change. (But still can)

    • Signature might not change. (But still can)

    • Functionality might not change. (But still can)

    • pgTap tests have being done. But might need more.

    • Documentation might need refinement.

General Information


Each function works as part of the family it belongs to.

The main Characteristics are:

  • It does not return a path.

  • Returns the sum of the costs of the shortest path of each pair combination of nodes requested.

  • Let be the case the values returned are stored in a table, so the unique index would be the pair: (start_vid, end_vid).

  • Depending on the function and its parameters, the results can be symmetric.

    • The aggregate cost of \((u, v)\) is the same as for \((v, u)\).

  • Any duplicated value in the start or end vertex identifiers are ignored.

  • The returned values are ordered:

    • start_vid ascending

    • end_vid ascending

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