Routing Functions

All Pairs - Family of Functions

aStar - Family of functions

Bidirectional A* - Family of functions

Bidirectional Dijkstra - Family of functions

Dijkstra - Family of functions

  • pgr_dijkstra - Dijkstra’s algorithm for the shortest paths.
  • pgr_dijkstraCost - Get the aggregate cost of the shortest paths.
  • pgr_drivingDistance - Use pgr_dijkstra to calculate catchament information.
  • pgr_KSP - Use Yen algorithm with pgr_dijkstra to get the K shortest paths.

Flow - Family of functions

pgr_KSP - K-Shortest Path

pgr_trsp - Turn Restriction Shortest Path (TRSP) - Turn Restriction Shortest Path (TRSP)


Driving Distance - Category

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